Our Story

This project is created to inspire yogis of all levels in their daily yoga practice or teaching.

Through the website we want to give our readers inspiration, instructions to different steps of yoga practice, together with insight to various styles and forms of yoga. 

We feel that being able to practice yoga is a great gift and we would like to share the beauty of it with others. Out of our interest in arts we want to transmit the sensation of doing yoga through visual methods such as photography and video.

However, it´s important to remember the philosophy and origins behind yoga and what yoga is really about – coming to rest in your true nature. Behind the project we are two Nordic yoginis living in Barcelona. The common interest in nature, yoga and photography led to this blog idea. 

Let us inspire you so that you can inspire others!

Madelene & TIa


About Madelene

I went to a yoga class for the first time in 2001 when I was 17 years old, since I had to write an article for school about a new experience. I can remember the stillness of being in the class, yet I had no idea of what impact yoga would have in my life at that point. It was not until 2008 when I was invited to practice yoga again that I understood the importance of the yoga practice. By practicing yoga both on and outside the mat has given me the tools to approach different aspects of life, which I want to share through my teaching. 

 In 2010-2011 I attended the 200 hr YTTC at Yoga One in Barcelona with the purpose of getting a deeper knowledge and practice leading to interest in teaching. 

The roots in my classes comes from Hatha yoga where we also add supports to help the performance of the asanas (postures).  I believe in a practice where we respect the body and where we gradually prepare the body and mind. I also implement classes of Hatha Vinyasa which allows a more freely practice enjoying the flow to music.

See you on the mat! 


About Tia

I was introduced to yoga in 2001 when Ashtanga Yoga was something fairly new in Finland and I wanted to try it as a new experience. After that yoga has actually always been part of my life. First my practice was mainly physical, but soon I got more into the spiritual part of it and started getting much more out of my yoga sessions. I also opened my mind and heart for other yoga styles, such as Hatha, and meditation. For me yoga is the source of balance, which I’m always looking for and which I need for a happy and fulfilled life. 

I was trained in Ashtanga and Vinyasa methods in India and finished my 200 hour YTTC (Yoga Alliance) in Goa in March 2013.

Both in my teaching and my personal practice I like to combine soft and dynamic styles - yin and yang - respecting every body´s needs and capacities. I offer private and group classes in Ashtanga/Hatha Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, pranayama (breath control) and meditation.

I´m also the photographer of the project. More of my works can be seen here.


We would like to thank the people who have inspired us to create this project and who have had an important meaning in our lives and our yoga practice. Special thanks to Snehangshu Mukhopadhyay forshowing us that you only need the constant practice of a few basic postures to access the essence of Hatha Yoga and to Rachele Di Fino who introduced Iyengar Yoga and showed that it's not important how fare you go in yoga but how you get there. Also, thank you Corina De Castro and Vita Nipane for assisting us with the photo shootings. 

We do owe a big thanks to Shahin Haghjou for creating our logo and for helping us putting together thisbeautiful website. Click here and you can find more interesting works made by Shahin.

* NOTE: If you want to use any of our images you can do that, but please give credits to Art Of Doing Yoga. Retouching or any type of manipulation of the images is not allowed. *