Meditation doesn´t necessarily need to be sitting stable as a rock with crossed legs – even Mr Osho knew that. Sometimes by doing the most casual things, such as cooking, cleaning or even walking, we do can achieve the similar results as we get from meditating. You know the feeling when you do something that you feel passion for, fully concentrated you totally lose track of time… You kind of lose yourself into the action.

Now that the summer is slowly coming to an end, we decided to look for inspiration at home where one spends more and more time when the autumn is approaching. We took out our sewing machines and prepared a prototype of the “Art Of Doing Yoga” bag! Sewing is one of those things where you have a proper process before achieving the final goal. You start with an image of the final “product”, then you just follow the path in your mind and forget all other things around you… It can be so relaxing and therapeutic!

Whatever your action is, let it come from your heart!