saantaakaaram bhujaga-sayanam

padmanaabham suresam

visvaadhaaram gagana-sadrisam

megha-varnam subha-angam

Laksmikantam Kamalanayanam


vande vishnum bhava-bhaya-haram


We meditate upon the Master of the Universe, Lord Vishnu, who is ever peaceful, who lies on the great serpent-bed, from whose navel springs the lotus of the creative power, who is the controller of the gods, whose form is the entire universe, who is the foundation for the universe. who is all pervading as the sky, of the hue of the cloud, of fascinating beauty, the lord of Laksmi, the lotus eyed, he who dwells in the hearts of the yogis and who can be approached and perceived through meditation, we pray to Lord Vishnu, he who is the destroyer of the fear of samsara and the Lord of all the worlds.

Anantasana (Reclining Vishnu Couch Pose) 

B E N E F I T S: 

  • Stretches the backs of the legs
  • Stretches the sides of the torso 
  • Tones the belly
  • Strengthens armpits and shoulder muscles
  • Improves the digestive system 
  • Can help to reduce low back pain
  • Can help to develop focus and concentration