We're happy to let you all know that we're giving away an Ajna-Pura bracelet to one of our followers. All you need to do is to follow us on Instagram @artofdoingyoga and repost the photo we have posted on our instagram accout with the tag #ajnapurabracelet. At the end of the month we'll announce the winner so keep your eyes and ears open. 

The Ajna-Pura bracelet is inspired by our logo and the third eye chakra Ajna, this simple and beautiful piece is created to transmit our vision. The bracelet is made of 100% silver, designed by Art Of Doing Yoga and hand-made by Gaby Art Design in Sweden.  

By wearing the bracelet we hope it brings you wisdom, intuition, inner guidance and love and acceptance of yourself. As the bracelet represents the third eye we also wish it gives you the gift of seeing everything as it is and that you get a deeper understanding of your being and a higher state of consciousness.   

Good luck & Namasté!