For this Friday and weekend we have created a playlist called STAY HERE & NOW for you to be able to relax from the day to day life and dedicate a moment to deepen your practice. The relaxing music on this list is perfect to listen to if you want to do a gentle flow or even a more quiet yin yoga, or maybe you just feel like staying in Savasana on the floor for a while to connect with yourself. What ever practice you feel you need is the best practice. 



I - Benn Jordan 3:06

The Beauty You Love - Michael Zeligs 8:03

We're All Stars - India Bourne

Fortune - Acoustic - William Fitzsimmons 3:48

Be the Song - Foy Vance 6:31

In the Stream - S.Carey 5:11

Broken Feather - Harrison Storm 4:34

Looking Upwards - Benn Jordan 4:11

You're So Very Far Away - Clem Leek 2:59

Grotesquely Beautiful - Antonymes 3:08

In Circles - Patrick Watson 2:16

Halving the Compass (Rhian Sheehan Remix) - Helios 6:43

12 songs, 55 min