For the last six months our project has been on hold and that’s not because we had planned to abandon it but because life just took another turn. From one day to another things can change drastically in your life and you are really put to the test. No one prepares you for the loss of the one you love most and it’s all about the hard journey of acceptance. There are days that are so dark that you are not able to bring out your yoga mat. I’ve learnt that you must allow yourself to have these days, because deep inside you know that you will find your way back again. In these moments time is your best friend and you just need to relay on its healing power. 


These are also times when you start thinking on why we are here and what’s really important in life. Love is. People are. Animals too. Family and friends and even strangers can make every dark day a bit lighter. Even if we haven’t posted or taken any photos for our blog, Madelene has been next to me all the time, supporting with her enormous compassion. Just like soul sisters do. Maybe our discussions haven’t been about yoga postures or new ideas, but rather everything from life to death. Sharing is so important and it’s priceless to have someone to cry WITH. You should never take it for granted and in the end my attitude of gratitude is even greater now. 

After all, life goes on. I do feel grateful for what I have and for what I had.And I am very happy that our project goes on as well. For the first time in a long time I feel inspired and I look forward to continue what we started. 

He might not be here anymore but he will always be lightning my way. He is light. I am light. You are light. 



Art Of Doing Yoga = Madelene & Tia

Art Of Doing Yoga = Madelene & Tia