Last week we were super happy to photograph Sandra and Tiina on the streets of Barcelona when they were here for the second year to hold their yoga retreat Barcelona Baby. Here's the result of the amazing photo shoot we had with them and their story. 


Tiina and Sandra are two girls passionated about this delicate thing called life. They are both based in Sweden, Tiina high up in the north and Sandra south west. Tiina has her own yoga space close to the nature, where she knows that all the answers can be found. Sandra moves from city to city and teaches wherever she lands. Her inspiration is found within the pulsating streets of the world. 


 Sandra and Tiina about yoga. 

Yoga is a big part of our lives, it is our moving meditation. It liberates and cracks us open, closer to our truth. Yoga gives the support we need. It is a constant practise where we learn to trust the process, go with the flow and surf on the waves of this life journey. 


Barcelona Baby 

We are two very different souls, but together we make the perfect blend. We have been working together since 2012 and today we are so proud of our Barcelona Baby, which is a yoga retreat in the heart of this pulsating city. Sandra lived in Barcelona from 2009-2011 and she always felt the need of sharing the magic that lies within the streets of the city. Last year we had our first retreat and last week we did it again. It was as amazing as last year, if not even better. We are already planning next years adventure! 

Our retreat is all about yin and yang. Everyday we practise yoga together, inside and outside. Going for hammam, eating food at the best restaurants in the city, having Thai yoga massage and healing in Sitges, going for a natural wine tasting and much more. You will also have time for yourself and use our own made guide book where many treasures can be found. 


This year we started to work with the amazing duo behind Art Of Doing Yoga, Madelene and Tia. We are very happy to share their beautiful art with our yogis and we are looking forward to a long term relationship with you girls.