"Remember the emphasis on the heart. The mind lives in doubt and the heart lives in trust. When you trust, suddenly you become centred."

- Osho

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1. Ra Ma da Sa - Girish

2. Guru Ram Das by Nirinjan Kaur & Ram Das - Nirinjan Kaur

3. Gobinday Mukunday - Sada Sat Kaur

4. The Winter - Balmorhea

5. Hope Valley Hill - Helios 

6. Dunes - Chequerboard

7. Gentle Awakening - Manose 

7 songs, 49 min


If you follow what´s happening around you these days, you can see that this world craves for compassion more than ever.

Compassion is a natural quality of human beings, but we can forget it when our minds are disconnected from the heart. To be able to keep compassion alive in ourselves we actually need to stay in touch with the suffering of the world.

Heart is the key. In your heart you can embrace all aspects of yourself and of the other people. But to be able to have compassion for other, you need to have compassion for yourself as well. Remember that your heart is capable of embracing everything!

"With compassion in our heart, every thought, word, and deed can bring about a miracle." (Thich Nhat Hanh) 

Pose: Anjaneyasana, variation - Model: Tiina Ravelin

Pose: Anjaneyasana, variation - Model: Tiina Ravelin