Color: Red

Sound: Lam (the sound of spiritual awakening)

Element: Earth (Tattva)

The root chakra helps us to become more aware of our bodies and feel more connected to the ground. When the root chakra is open we feel physic strength, confidence, and a great joy for life. If the root chakra is blocked it's easy to feel lost, rootless and lack of energy. A person with an over-active root chakra can show a dominant behaviour and become greedy and aggressive while a person with an under-active root chakra will show weakness, lack of confidence and have a self-destructive behaviour.  

The root chakra is the base for the Kundalini Shakti (spiritual energy) which is in a deep sleep, waiting to be waken and raise trough the other chakras. 

Yoga poses to balance the root chakra: Uttanasana, Utthita Trikonasana and Virabhadrasana I & II