Color: Violet/White

Sound: Om

Element: Thought

This chakra is located in the crown of the head, top of the scull. Sahasrara in Sanskrit means “thousandfold”, as is the lotus symbol of this last and highest of the chakras. It is the dwelling place of our highest awareness – the union of all consciousness and all energy. It is our connection to our higher self, the divine, the timeless, spaceless place of oneness.

People with balanced sahasrara chakra are deeply connected with their spiritual sides. Their morals subtly drive their everyday actions. They are fair and ethical in their dealings with others. A reverence for life and nature is evident, and their wants and desires always seem to come easily and effortlessly to them.

Excessiveness in this chakra appears as being overly intellectual or feeling yourself to be a member of a spiritual or intellectual elite. Deficient energy manifests as difficulty thinking for yourself, apathy, spiritual skepticism and materialism.

Meditation is the best yoga practice for bringing this chakra into balance. As our body needs shower, also our busy mind needs regular cleansing. In any kind of meditation or concentration and insight practices the mind becomes more present, clear and insightful.

They say that the experience of sahasrara is beyond words and all definition – it has to be felt to be understood. Different cultures and religions describe it in their own way: Heaven, Nirvana, Samadhi, Kaivalya etc. 

Find you way to the highest awareness.