Many people who start practicing yoga think of it as a purely physical practice since this is the most common way we are introduced to yoga in the western world. Normally the physical practice awakens the curiosity of knowing more about the origins and the true meaning of yoga and it's important to know that behind the physical practice of the postures (asanas) there is a deeper story to be told. 

The word yoga can be translated from the Hindu Sanskrit to mean union and by many great yogis it refer to the union of oneself and the feeling of being one with Everything. Even though the yogic techniques that are practiced today might not be very ancient, yoga is said to have been born over a thousand of years ago, in the search of the true meaning of our existence. 

Many studies show that practicing yoga has number of benefits for your general health. Not only healing the current issues, but it also helps you to maintain your health and prevent potential problems. By doing yoga you create a balance between mind, body and soul, which will lead to the state of inner peace and will allow you to experience self-realization - the highest goal in yoga. 

When you start studying the history of yoga it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the different styles, interpretations, instructions and the great amount of learning material available. It is important to be aware of the origins and the true meaning of yoga, however as Patthabi Jois said: Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory. The fact is that the only way to experience yoga is through constant practice and by doing so you will live your own experience.  

Practice yoga and reveal the secret.