The autumn is dry, cool and windy and represents the air element and is also referred to as the season of Vata (Air) according to the Ayurvedic principles. A few weeks ago the summer heat was still in the air but the wind is now blowing colder and stronger, leading us towards the winter season. 

During the fall a lot of changes takes place around us in the nature and it's important that we maintain balance in the body to keep a good health, wellbeing and avoid diseases. 

Key points

- Good rest, relaxation and sleep.   

- Healthy warm food and warm drinks

- A healthy amount of activicy

- Warm oil massage 

- Regular daily routine

Autumn Yoga

Grounding poses will help you to create strength and balance while you can relax your mind in forward bends and gentle inversions. End your practice with a long Savasana but don't forget to cover yourself with a blanket to avoid getting cold.