When the temperature rises in the summer so does the Pitta dosha!  Learning to accept the natural tendency of the body by adapting your diet and exercise will help you to maintain the balance in the body and mind and stay cool during the summer season. 

Due to wrong lifestyle or bad diet you can easily spot signs of increased Pitta in the body:

- Acne

- Skin Rashes

- Irritation, anger & jealousy

- Excessive body heat

To balance the Pitta we must remain cool and peaceful since this season is a sensitive time for those who have Pitta in their constitution.

Food: It's recommended to eat fruits and vegetables that are sweet, juicy, bitter and astringent in nature. For example melons, pears, cherries and mangoes. Vegetables as broccoli, zucchini, cucumber and asparagus also have cooling effects. Avoid spicy and sour foods and use cooling spices such as mint, fennel, anise and cardamom. Avoid eating food with heating properties as hot peppers, tomatoes, radishes, onions, garlic and spinach.

Only eat when you are hungry and try not to eat too much since the digestive system works slower in the summer.

Drink: During the summer it's important to drink enough with liquids but avoid cold drinks even if it's hot outside. Avoid alcohol, black tea and coffee which stimulate the Pitta dosha.

Yoga: Try to enjoy the light practice during the summer and don't overdo any form of exercise since it can overheat and aggravate Pitta. Practice a restorative yoga which contains forward bends, twists and mild backbends. Practice inversions, arm balance and standing poses with precaution as these can create heat.

Stay cool and enjoy the summer!