"After six months, the wrinkles and grey hair are not seen. He who practice it daily , even for two hours, conquers death." 

- Hatha Yoga Pradipika 

VIPARITA KARANI with support 

VIPARITA KARANI with support 

Start in Viparita Karani Asana by closing your eyes and relaxing the whole body. Bring your attention to the manipura chakra while breading slowly and deeply with ujjayi pranayama. During the pranayama feel the breath and move your attention from manipura chakra to vishuddhi chakra. When you exhale focus on vishuddhi chakra and at the end of the exhalation bring the focus back to manipura chakra. 

You can start to practice up to 7 rounds and gradually increase up to 21 rounds over a period of months. 

Although this practice has many benefits and helps to move the energy and to balance the prana flow, it should not be practiced unless the body is healthy. Those suffering from high blood pressure, bad neck, heart problems should not do inverted postures without consulting an expert before.