"You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus and the support."  

- Sabrina ryan  



Sit on a chair with the feet hip width apart. Inhale and elongate your spine and lift your chest up, exhale and twist the upper body to the right with the help from the arms and the chair. Make sure that the hips are alined and does not move by keeping your buttocks bones firmly grounded. In the inhalation lift your torso to create space in the ribs and to open the chest. In the exhalation twist a bit more until you feel that you have reached your limit. Inhale to release the twist and come back to the centre and then repeat the twist on the left side.   


Bharadvajasana creates flexibility in the spine, gives a massage to the abdomen and internal organs and helps to release lower back pain. As you can practice this pose on a chair it's also suitable for people who cannot sit on the floor.  


People with spine, hips or disc injuries.