Practicing balancing poses can sometimes be frustrating and especially in the beginning as it can be difficult to focus and to keep the attention in the pose. But when we take the time to practice them we realize that finding balance is not only about standing on one foot. It's also about finding balance in everything that surounds us in life. When we are able to remain calm, focused and centered we can approach life and deal with situations in a different way, both on and off the mat. 

If practicing balancing poses in yoga frustrates you, don't avoid them. Instead find out why you get frustrated. Practicing yoga is about learning about yourself. Find your centre and find your balance. And remember, if you fall simply rise again! 

Tips for your practice: 

- Start by finding the base, allow your foot to find the ground and to root down. 

- Slowly and consciously move into the pose, take your time and don't rush. 

- Keep your eyes on a steady point. 

- If needed use the support of a block, wall or chair to find stability. 

- Don´t forget to breath in the pose, allowing the energy to flow and if you fall don't let it disturb your mind, adopt a playful mind and try again!

Happy practice!