The Full Moon is here and just as the tides get affected by the forces of the Sun and Moon - so does we. Even people who are normally balanced and calm can feel agitated and sensitive during this time. 

Full Moon means that the Sun is completely illuminating the whole side of the Moon that is visible to the earth and that the Sun and Moon are located opposite of each other.  

Take this time to set an intention and release what you don’t need to keep in your life. Maybe it’s time that you let go of something or that you make changes to create balance in your life? 

Go out and observe this beautify sight and allow the Full Moon energy to bring awareness within yourself. Maybe practice a gentle Full Moon yoga under the open sky and connect with the forces. Remember that you are the Universe and that the Sun illuminates you as well! 

Happy Full Moon! 


Do you get up early to discover the moment light begins? 

Brahmamuhurta is the time of the day when the early hours begins, it's the magical and empowering hours which are the best time for meditation as you are fresh, open and receptive. According to the Ayurvedic terms this moment are thought to be sattvic, meaning it's balanced and harmonious

So even if it can be really hard to get up before the sunrise…it's well worth a try! Who knows, maybe it becomes a wonderful experience and a new habit where you can cultivate new good things for yourself. 

When you open up your consciousness, great things begins to happen