In this weeks teaching we present Virasana which is a seated pose that can help you to build strength. At sight this pose might look "easy" but it's important to approach this pose in a humble way to avoid any injury and to be able to enjoy the benefits. Be a humble hero! 

Virasana (Hero Pose)

Virasana (Hero Pose)


Come to the floor and start by kneeling on all four. Bring your knees together and separate your feet sightly more then hip width apart. Grab the calves of each leg and roll them out and away from the knees. Sit down on the floor between your knees (or on top of a support if needed) and make sure that your sitting bones are evenly in contact with the floor or the support. Activate the top of the feet to the floor and from your pelvis root down at the same time as you elongate trough the spine. 

To come out of the pose press your hands to the floor and lift yourself slowly to stretch the legs in front of you. 

Benefits: Eases stiffness in the hip joint, knees and groin. Improves the circulation in the feet. 

Cautions: If you suffer from a knee injury. 

Variation: The pose can be practiced using props like blankets, blocks or bolsters. By using supports you can make the pose easier if you suffer from stiffness in the hip, knee or joints. 

Only stay in the pose for as long as you are comfortable. In the beginning start with a shorter time and remember to always practice with safety and respect to your body.

Happy practice!